John Foster

children's poet

Bookfeast Poetry Competition Winners

The Bookfeast Poetry Competition was won by Tom Doherty of Radley Primary School with his poem ‘How I Used to Be’.

How I used to be

I started with a big bang,

Plants and animals grew on my surface,

Everything was perfect, when I began.


Then the humans came,

They stalked the earth,

Killing animals to feed themselves,

They invented fire, and it’s still scorching my soul.


Settlements sprang up,

Spoiling my beautiful countryside,

Towering castles, siege and bloodshed,

War had begun.


Empires rose, empires fell,

Countries were conquered,

Factories came, I gave a startled yell,

I was starting to feel conquered.



Runners-up included Grace Foakes of Cropredy Primary School for her poem ‘The Conker’

The Conker

The conker looks like a wooden doorknob,

sitting on the door.

It reminds me of chilly Autumn afternoons,

climbing up trees.

It makes me feel strangely satisfied.

It feels like a cold stone,

tossed beneath the wheels of a carriage.

It seems to sit there all alone,

but no one knows what the conker has been through!

It will always be an autumn sign,

waiting in its prickly shell!


Summer Book Review Competition

John Foster will be judging the Summer Book Review Competition being run by Reading Chest – the book lending service specialising in reading scheme books for 4 to 9 year olds.

Children can enter the competition by writing three or more reviews in the Reading Chest website between July 1st and August 31st.

The winners will receive signed copies of one of John Foster’s books.

Full details can be found on the Reading Chest website .


New Books!


Published this autumn , two books of jokes, riddles and rhymes, guaranteed to make you giggle!





Coming in Spring 2013

Two more books of jokes, riddles and rhymes. Rib-tickling reads that are much too silly for grown-ups.




Bookfeast Schools Festival 2012

John Foster will be appearing in Oxford at the Bookfeast Schools Festival together with Paul Cookson on Wednesday May 23rd.

Their event is entitled Dancing with Dinosaurs and Playing Football with Frogs.

An action-packed 45 minutes of poetry fun including tall tales about terrible teachers, poems about fantastic footballing feats, mesmirising monsters, wacky wizards, and dancing dinosaurs, plus some nutty nursery rhymes, ludicrous limericks, ridiculous rhymes and cautionary tales, presented by two of the country’s liveliest poetry performers.

Details of the event which is for children in years 2-5 can be obtained from the Bookfeast website.