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A bit of a random selection of some of my recent poems.

(All Copyright John Foster 2012 2015)


If A Dinosaur Came To Your House

If a dinosaur came to your house,

would you

offer him a cup of tea?

chat to him on the settee?

play games with him on your wii?

sit with him and watch TV?



Here Come The Dinosaurs

I have recently been working on some poems about dinosaurs for a poster about dinosaurs. Here are three of the new poems, which I’ve written.


Here come the dinosaurs! Stump, stamp, stomp.
Here come the dinosaurs! Clump, clamp, clomp.

Tyrannosaurus comes lumbering by
With a wicked, vicious gleam in his eye.

Diplodocus plods along at his own pace,
Next to Triceratops with the horny face.

There’s Allosaurus with his dagger-like claws
And sharp razor teeth in his savage jaws.

Then Ankylosaurus with his armoured back,
His hammer-tail ready to beat off an attack.

Here’s Argentinosaurus, the biggest of all,
Weighing one hundred tons and twenty metres tall.

Last, Stegosaurus, who’s all on his own,
With plates down his back that are made of bone.

Here come the dinosaurs! Stump, stamp, stomp!
Here come the dinosaurs! Clump, clamp, clomp!


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