John Foster

children's poet

ARCh - Assisted Reading for Children in Oxfordshire

John Foster has recently become a patron of ARCh and will be giving a talk on using poetry to develop children’s reading and writing at the ARCh AGM on Thursday 7th July.

He also wrote a poem about ARCh’s work to support a bid for funding from The CTK Foundation Heart and Soul 2011 Grant Award. The poem won second prize – a grant of $5000.

This is John’s winning poem:

Raise the shutters

Raise the shutters, let shimmering sunlight

Clear the dark clouds in the mind,

Which make lines of shapes and symbols

Too great a puzzle to unwind.

Guide each prisoner through the labyrinth,

Unleash the chains which keep them blind.

Let loose the power and the wisdom

Which it is their right to find.


For details of ARCh and its work, contact ARCh, Gobles Court, 7 Market Square, Bicester, Oxon OX26 6AA