John Foster

children's poet

A Few More

A few new haiku and a poem about rhymes.


A new haiku

This poem hasn’t been read
By anybody before.
It’s a new haiku.


Blue haiku

A calm sapphire sea
A field full of cornflowers
And a cloudless sky.


Flu haiku

I’m not feeling well.
I’m hot and have a headache..
I think I have ‘flu.


Flew haiku

It’s autumn again.
So the birds have flown away
To sunnier lands.


Gnu haiku

I asked a gnu if
He knew any new haiku.
But he shook his head.



‘Can you give me a short rhyme?’
Said the teacher.

‘Caught,’ said Amanda.

‘Can you give me a long rhyme?’
Said the teacher.

‘Wrong,’ said Jason.

‘Can you give me a brief rhyme?’
Said the teacher.

‘Leaf,’ said Maria.

‘Can you give me a straight rhyme?
Said the teacher.

‘Wait!’ said Javed.

‘Can you give me a near rhyme?’
Said the teacher.

‘Weary,’ said Kevin.


Try it yourself

For example, write some other rhymes such as a poor rhyme and a rich rhyme, a new rhyme and an old rhyme, a late rhyme and an early rhyme, a bright rhyme and a dull rhyme.