John Foster

children's poet

Write a Counting Rhyme


A counting rhyme is any rhyme which includes some kind of counting. Some rhymes count up to ten, others count backwards from 10 down to one.

Can you complete these counting rhymes? If you would like to save them use the print icon at the top of this page.

One, two

One, two
A bath full of glue
Three, four


Ten Naughty Dragons

Ten naughty dragons blowing smoke-rings in a line,
One set himself on fire and then there were nine.

Nine naughty dragons


Animal Counting Rhyme

One for the goat in a winter coat.
Two for the ants in


Ten young children

Ten young children playing in the park,
The first one said, ‘Pretend I’m a shark.’
The second one said, ‘I’m a dinosaur.
The third one said

From Oxford Junior Rhyming Dictionary