John Foster

children's poet

Write Your Own Haiku

A haiku is a Japanese form of poem. It is made up of three lines and seventeen syllables. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven syllables and the third has five syllables again.

A haiku is like a short snapshot poem. A good haiku creates a clear picture, based on close observation. Here’s a haiku, in which John Foster uses a simile to describe what he sees:

Bright as butterflies (five syllables)

With folded wings, the windsurfs (seven syllables)

Skim across the bay. (five syllables)


Draft a haiku of your own in which you create a picture by making a comparison. Either choose a subject of your own or write about one of the following:

  • a pet animal, such as a rabbit or hamster
  • a bird or birds, such as a robin, seagulls or starlings
  • flowers, such as bluebells, foxgloves or daffodils.


If you would like to save your haiku use the Print icon at the top of the page.