John Foster

children's poet

School Visits

Winter 2016

During the winter term John has visits booked to Shipton-under-Wychwood Primary School, St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School Carterton , Dunmore School Abingdon and Windmill School, Headington, Oxford.

During the summer term he also visited Standlake Primary School to work with some of the pupils to produce a booklet of poems.

Here are two of the poems from the booklet. The whole booklet is available on the Standlake Primary School website


Animals found in the Human Zoo


Loneliness is like a cub separated from its pack.

Its self-consciousness stops the flow of common sense.

This animal is all big eyes with a misty look from faraway

And whimpers of self-pity.

It can be made to feel unimportant, invisible

And can be easily twisted.

Loneliness will scamper like a mouse

When scared,

Because it has been singled out.

It will feed off memories of forgotten loved ones,

Who have been tossed away.

Loneliness is like a traumatised child left on the streets.

It has nobody to run to.

It is all alone.

Jasmine Willans



Distraction is an annoying beast.

It pulls you away from things you have to do,

the things you really want to do.

Distraction lives in places

Full of excitement and adventure,

Places where everyone dreams of going.

This creature is the colour of the rainbow,

Luring you into its brightness,

Like puppies or kittens.
You cannot ignore distraction.

Distraction can be your best friend
And your worst enemy.

Now, if you have things to do,

Please resist stroking.

Ella Hardy


John recently visited Broadmeadow Junior School, Birmingham. After the visit, the headteacher wrote in the school’s newsletter to parents:

"The atmosphere in the hall was electric as John captivated his audience with his witty poems and humorous performances – I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing him perform ‘Bloomers in the Sky’!

John’s visit was a resounding success and we would definitely love to see him again."