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Poetry Collections Illustrated by Korky Paul


Dinosaur Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276305-1) £5.99

Dinosaur PoemsDinosaurs stuck in the bath, eating the fridge, knocking on the door, having a party – stomping and singing, bellowing and roaring, dining and dancing. Poems about all kinds of dinosaurs – Bronto and T.Rex, Iggy and Steggy – including the real reason why they disappeared.

'If this combination of verse and illustration doesn't make you laugh out loud, then you must have missed out on the sense of humour gene' The Guardian


Dragon Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276307-5) £5.99

Dragon Poems

Dragons chasing teachers, going to the vet, having birthdays, breathing fire, flying and feasting and fighting. Poems about every kind of dragon you can think of – funny and fabulous, fierce and fantastic.

"A fresh, exciting look at dragons strange and familiar, old and new . . . The illustrations are sensational. " - Books For Keeps

"This wonderful anthology of poems about dragons is superbly illustrated . . . this book is highly recommended. " - School Librarian

Fantastic Football Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-01-19-276349-5) £5.99

Fantastic Football PoemsPhantom fans, matches on the moon, Stone Age goals, wizards versus witches and soccer-mad grans. Poems about all kinds of fantasy football matches from dreams of playing for England to playing against a goalie with expanding hands.

"A lively collection of verses which are accompanied by Korky Paul's equally energetic illustrations. Fantastic Football Poems is bound to be a hit." - The School Librarian


Magic Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276304-4) £5.99

Magic Poems

Wizards, magicians, goblins, trolls, genies, unicorns, goblins, ghosts, phantoms. An enchanting collection of poems about all kinds of magic, including a pair of marvellous trousers.

"This gifted pair work so well together . . . the collection [is] in constant demand. " - Child Education



Monster Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276306-8) £5.99

Monster Poems

Hairy scary monsters, junk monsters, fire monsters, snow monsters, monsters lurking behind the door and under your bed. Poems about all kinds of monsters including the Grumposaurus, the Sliver-Slurk, the Underwater Wibbles, the Wild Werewolf and Frankenstein's monster.

'Delightfully scary....wickedly funny' The Herald


Pet Poems
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276345-7) £5.99

Pet Poems

Poems about all kinds of pets – pets at the vets, hamsters with headaches, fish with the flu, a pet pterodactyl and a pet octopus, pet crocodiles and a pet hippopotamus, including storypoems about the snake in the toilet and Beryl the bell-bashing budgie.

"Brimful of vitality, fun and totally anarchic illustrations - a perfect marriage of words and pictures. John Foster is expert at choosing just the kind of poem to appeal to the subversive side of every child and Korky Paul's illustrations take each verse even further towards total madness." - Guardian Education


Never Say Boo to a Ghost

Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-276310-5) £4.99

John Foster and Korky Paul's phenomenally successful poetry partnership began over 10 years ago, with the publication of this book. The combination of John's inspired, witty selection of poems, with Korky's crazily imaginative and anarchic illustrations, has proved exceptionally popular.

"A must for the classroom or library. No child could fail to find enjoyment here." - Brian Moses



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