John Foster

children's poet

Developing Literacy Skills

The Works 8
MacMillan (ISBN 978-0-330-46407-9) £7.99

The Works 8Entertaining as well as educational, this comprehensive anthology contains every shape, style and form of poem that you will need to teach poetry in the primary classroom. The sixty-four different types of poem are arranged alphabetically and the selection includes examples of less well-known forms such as clerihews, tanka and triolets along with popular forms such as acrostics, haiku, cinquains, kennings, epitaphs and raps.

Rhyming Dictionaries

Two rhyming dictionaries that will help children not only to find rhymes, but also with their spelling.


Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-911682-9)

OUP First Rhyming Dictionary'John Foster's colourful and accessible First Rhyming Dictionary is a wonderful resource for young writers. Containing 1,200 rhyming words, it pays special attention to words that rhyme but are spelled differently. There are 60 original poems too, plus humorous artwork.'   Junior Education.


Oxford Junior Rhyming Dictionary
Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-911683-6)

'The primary use of a rhyming dictionary is as an aid to writing rhyming poetry. This one scores over others of its genre by virtue of the fact that the author, John Foster, is a popular children's poet experienced in motivating children to write. A 13-page chapter called 'Wrote your own poetry' serves as an introduction to a range of simple poetic forms and rhyming patterns. It includes a wealth of infectious examples and starters that make the idea of writing poems seem not only inviting but positively easy.'   Michael Kirby.